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Broto Legal invests in new product line

The Broto Legal food is diversifying its product portfolio to strengthen its position in the retail market. After releasing the line of olive oil extra virgin, Baltic brand directly from Spain, and Jerked Beef, the beef jerky of Broto Legal, the company is launching the Baltic tuna Broto Legal.
The operating Director of the Broto Legal, Thais Martella Storti, said the company has today 5 products in its portfolio that are rice, beans, olive oil, dried meat and tuna.
"The legal Bud is wanting to increasingly consolidate as a food company and not just grains. Initially it started with the beans, then switched to the rice and now we want to consolidate even as food, "he says.
In Campinas and Porto Feliz
The company is headquartered in Campinas unit and the rice in Porto Feliz.
These two locations serve as distribution centers for the States of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. For the Paraná and North of the country, such as Manaus, the company reports rely on solid logistical operators.
Thais points out that even with the economic crisis through which passes the Brazil, the Broto Legal Foods expects to grow at 10% in 2015 billing and intends to invest 5% of its sales with promotional and marketing actions.
"We are quite optimistic, although we know that Brazil will face a period of quite difficult to achieve the necessary adjustments. But we are optimistic, so much so that until the year before last we invest in expanding the plant on the productive and now in 2015 we invested in a new marketing campaign, believing that if you can have a good result this year, "he says.
The Legal Bud is recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of their rice and beans.
Control of pesticides
Tradition and quality are the only Legal Bud's in Brazil to achieve the control of pesticide residues in their products, and is certified by the Instituto Biológico de São Paulo. According to Thais Martella Storti, rice corresponds to 48% of the company's revenue. The bean is equivalent to 46%, and the remaining 6% products. "Our goal is that the other three lines of products are olive oil, dried beef and tuna reaches 10% of the turnover of the Broto Legal," he predicts.
The canned tuna
With plans to grow further from 2015, the company now enters in a market that moves r $ 400 million annually: the canned tuna, baptized as "Baltic Tuna Broto Legal".
"What made us enter the market of tuna was the fact of taking advantage of the three forces that we have in the market that is to our sales team, the brand and our distribution, strong enough," explains Thais.
Straight from Ecuador
According to her, "as the product is outsourced, we plan investments because today is much more competitive to get the product in Ecuador. So what happens is we buy who does well done. Select suppliers and today we have broad partnership. The product comes ready of Ecuador with our label, as well as the olive oil that comes from Spain, "he explains.
According to the consultancy Nielsen, sales of canned fish grew 10% between 2012 and 2013 in Brazil and, in the first quarter of 2014, recorded 20.7% increase in new.
Conquer the place
The top five players in the sector, according to the Modern Supermarket, are the marks Gomes da Costa, Coqueiro (Fisherman), Zuppa (Village Beautiful and Falan), Heinz (want to) or preserved Rubi (Rubi). To sell well and win the place of one of them, the Bud bet not only on credibility already established by the presence of the brand, but also in sunflower oil differentials in versions of solid fish and grated in edible oil.
Tuna Broto Legal, that also has solid versions and grated au naturel (with water and salt), is Tuna and Skipjack quality comes from Ecuador to Brazil. "The tuna has already consolidated brands, but for the fact that we have a strong brand, a distribution, a sales force, we think there's room to win market and that will represent an increase in turnover," she concludes.
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