Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Bakeries diversify activities and investing in supermarkets

Seeking greater public bakeries focus on production for sales of their items in supermarkets. An example of that is the Delipan, who decided to bet on the business by harnessing the functional food, and three years ago has been offering their products on the market.
"Instead of opening a store, opened for supermarkets to be more accessible to the population. Reaches our audience because there is a wide variety of people. It's not just the casse to who wants to consume a healthy product, says Pedro Passos, the owner of Delipan.
The initial investment of the bread factory was r $ 120,000, of which $ 70,000 was intended for machinery. She has only one employee, that operates in the production of bread by the owner. In the logistics, the post is for the wife and the father of Peter. Investment in reform at the factory spun around r $ 30 to R $ 40 thousand.
The Comet was the first supermarket to take the bread of Delipan in their gondolas. Today, they are also provided for the Carnauba supermarkets, Santa Rita, the Panorama and the Super Portugal.
The Bread oven is also an example in the business. In 1988, was opened as a bakery, becoming industry around nine years later. Since then, works exclusively for supermarkets and distributes about 6,000 loaves a day-Monday through Saturday-to Make networks, Pão de Açúcar, St. Louis Center Box, pine, Extra and others. The company has about 50 employees.
The owner of the Oven bread, Luiz Melo Machado, points out that the bakeries have a localized audience, and more industries sprayed. "When you work with bakery, consumers are concentrated in one place. When you go to supermarket, spraying more, increases the service area ".
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