Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AmBev sees potential for market gain in non alcoholic

Ambev believes in the possibility of winning market share in carbonated soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. According to the Vice President of the business division, Marcel Regis, the company has been investing in innovations such as a way to gain space in a year in which the soft drinks market as a whole has been retracted.
The production of soft drinks in Brazil has a fall of 5.7% accumulated in the first four months of 2015 in comparison with the same period of the previous year, according to data available in the Control system of the production of beverages (Sicobe), the internal revenue service.
Regis highlighted the company's positioning in higher-value product niches, such as energy drinks, as a strategy to deal with the pressure setting on sales by volume.
"If in soft drinks we still have plenty of room to win market, in other segments of non alcoholic that's even more true," said Ambev Executive.
Whirlpool, which owns brands Brastemp and Consul, and Ambev officiated yesterday (19), in São Paulo, the creation of a joint venture for production of a drinks machine. Ambev has injected $ 119 million to stop 50% of b. blend and beverage Machines. The other 50% are from the Whirlpool.
Companies start today sales of new machine, also called b. blend, in the cities of São Paulo and Campinas. The CEO of b. blend, Thiago Nori, gave no details about when the sales expansion can occur across the country.
Ambev's first product to be produced in capsules is the Guarana Antarctica, which will enter the portfolio of b. blend until the end of the year. Other drinks can be sold in capsules throughout the year. In addition to soft drinks, the machine can produce iced teas and energy drinks.
The first 500 machines will be sold at $ 3,499, including a pack of capsules. /Associated Press Content
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