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May, 2015

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M bet on potential of White Toast

5/13/2015 - The company announced earlier this month the launch of a line of crackers, which will take the brand

Grow the Force's net profit in the first quarter

5/13/2015 - The Force Foods S.A., controlled by FB Holdings and by JBS, had consolidated net income of r $ 29.5

Lack of water causes impact on the food and beverage sector

5/13/2015 - Food and beverage producers are faced with escalating costs in the face of worsening pollution and w

Out of home consumption should grow in the year

5/13/2015 - According to Abrasel, Brazilian Association of bars and Restaurants, even with the fall of purchasin

Mines oven Premiere in new category

5/13/2015 - The Oven of Mines acquired 30% of the assets of Sérya foods, a factory specialized in frozen potatoe

SABMiller's net profit in the first quarter recoils 2.36%

5/13/2015 - SABMiller announced on Wednesday a net profit of $ 3.30 million in the first quarter of 2015, fall o

Unilever will keep investments despite difficult year

5/13/2015 - Even though the year of 2015 is challenging for many companies, Unilever will not change its plans f

Aluminium in packaging consumption grows 6.8% in 2014

5/12/2015 - The Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL) reported that consumption of aluminium products for the pa

Novelprint restructures program of reverse logistics in recycling of liner

5/12/2015 - Aware of the country's industrial and economic moment, but without ever leaving to invest and innova

Ruffles launches new packaging positioning inspired "Take a wave"

5/12/2015 - Ruffles ® potato launched in April, the new visual communication of their packaging. In synergy with

For Lactalis bet on Parmalat brand to fight for leadership in the Brazilian m...

5/12/2015 - French company brought back campaign of mammals, which made success in the years 1990. Also promoted

Water will be the biggest selling non-alcoholic drink

5/12/2015 - Amid the increasingly exotic drinks available at retail, since coconut water and lime to cardamom, p

Chlorine production falls 1.6% in the first quarter, says Abiclor

5/12/2015 - The chlorine production retreated 1.6 percent from January to March this year over a year earlier, r

Warm chicken meat sales in the domestic market

5/12/2015 - In early may, sales of chicken are better, due to the period of receipt of wages. According to indus

Never Mind Oil, Iran ' s About to Shake the World Pistachio Market

5/11/2015 - Iran is ready to return to the global commodities market, flooding it with fresh supplies and riskin

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