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May, 2015

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High costs and inflation press bakeries

5/15/2015 - The bakery and confectionery industry seeks ways to cope with the constant increase in costs without

Export of pork falls 3.3% in April

5/15/2015 - The Brazilian pork exports in April fell 3.3% as compared to the same period in 2014, to 42.1 thousa

Food and beverage sector already feel impact of lack of water

5/15/2015 - Food and beverage producers are faced with escalating costs in the face of worsening pollution and w

Supermarket billing paulistas falls 7.8% in February

5/15/2015 - The drop in retail billing complete 12 consecutive months paulista. The supermarket sector fell from

Characters animate candy packaging Fini

5/15/2015 - The manufacturer of goodies Fini is releasing several brand items, such as Fini Mix, which unites in

Hygiene products for babies grow up 58%

5/14/2015 - Babies have never been recovered by their parents as nowadays. And it is easy to understand. While i

Industries withdrew 7 thousand tons of sodium from foods

5/14/2015 - The Ministry of Health announced yesterday (12/5) the result of an agreement made in 2011 with the A

Pet Center Marginal changes name and opens its first concept store Petz

5/14/2015 - The neighborhood of Morumbi, in São Paulo, was chosen to house the first store of Petz flag, in São

Remedies have deputy leadership in e-commerce

5/14/2015 - Retail pharmacist appears against the current economic scenario, with an increase of 10.42% in the f

Nestlé transforms milk residue in water on dry spell

5/14/2015 - In the face of protests in California, for bottling water in times of drought there, Nestle SA will

St Marche Matter new concept for Brazil

5/14/2015 - The prestigious Italian network, created in 2007 and 28 stores in 5 countries sum, including capital

Supermarkets seek alternatives to prevent prices increase

5/14/2015 - Against the backdrop of economic downturn in the country, the largest supermarket in the world preac

Sale of smoke already passed the half on safra

5/14/2015 - The Association of tobacco growers of Brazil (Afubra) estimates that approximately 60% of the produc

Retraction in the fertilizer market

5/14/2015 - The supply of fertilizers to the final consumer in Brazil totaled 1.39 million tons in April, fallin

Bunge launches premium sauce

5/13/2015 - The Bunge launches limited edition Gourmet Salsaretti, Spicy tomato sauce. The release meets the mar

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