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May, 2015

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Adelle Foods Inaugurates Fridge in the South

5/25/2015 - The good prospects for the pork market prompted the investment of more than $ 160 million at the pre

Previous Inflation Slows in may

5/25/2015 - The consumer price index Broad-15 (IPCA-15), considered a preview of the official inflation, slowed

Beer sector already represents 13% of the São Paulo industry

5/25/2015 - The beer sector represents 13% of the São Paulo industry, according to a survey done by the beverage

Government gives up to import coffee from Peru

5/25/2015 - The efforts made by the National Confederation of agriculture and livestock (CNA) and Federation of

Bagel is 2.8% more expensive, price can range up to 100% according to the est...

5/25/2015 - Survey made by Procon Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais with 40 bakeries in Belo Horizonte showed

In two years, Brazil should be second in market of hygiene and beauty

5/25/2015 - Increase in the number of women working out helps drive sales of this sector, says Duda Kertész, Pre

New line of paints for industrial sector

5/25/2015 - The Farben Paints launched the dual function Polyurethane Alkyd Primer line, highlighting the cost b

Beauty industry will be under discussion in the event OPENS

5/25/2015 - The beauty industry is the subject of the next breakfast OPENS. The event takes place in São Paulo,

The 10 most sold pharmaceutical generics until March

5/22/2015 - From January to March this year, sales of generic drugs in the country totaled 1.5 billion dollars (

Pharmaceutical investing R $ 332 mi in phytotherapy

5/22/2015 - The estimate is of FarmaBrasil, an organization that represents how laboratories Aché, Biolab, Biono

Unilever Brazil grows more than 60% and 36% reduces the water consumption fro...

5/22/2015 - After four years of the launch of the sustainability plan, announced globally in 2010, Unilever Braz

The SABMiller brand back to Brazil

5/22/2015 - The Miller Genuine Draft, Miller, SAB Group brand brewery II, resumes production in Brazil after mor

Demand for tissue leads to investments of r $ 1 billion until 2019

5/22/2015 - Firm growth prospects of the Brazilian demand for papers for sanitary purposes until the end of the

Companies are betting the trend of blends in capsules

5/22/2015 - The change in consumer habits observed in recent years contributes to industry innovations from vari

China will decrease use of chemical fertilizer

5/21/2015 - Starting this year, fertilizer reduction pilots programs include corn grown in the Northeast and in

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