Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The reinvention of a century-old brand

Curitiba talk different. Case is criminal, Shaggy is vina and boy is PIA. To the list, you can also add soda, which in some cases turns soda. The best known among the curitibanas, the century-old soda Cini, founded in 1904, is betting their chips on marketing to remain relevant in a market increasingly dominated by multinationals.
Before reinventing herself for the general public, with the first major marketing campaign of its history, had to rearrange your home Cini. Last year, the Cini family – which is ahead of the business for four generations – decided it was time for a change. All members of the family left the day to day business and were transferred to the Board of Directors.
The new Executive Director, Rodrigo Marcon, received carte blanche to deploy changes. Right off the bat, traded 70% of the management body, starting with the responsible for marketing and sales, which came from Coca-Cola Femsa. One of the first decisions was to show customers that Cini is still alive and active. After 30 years out of the media and without ever having made a long-term campaign on television, the partners made a contribution of $ 5 million to rescue the emotional relationship of the consumer with the brand.
In addition to the captive consumer brand, the Agency's campaign Bronx had the goal to open new markets for the brand, as Londrina, Upstate. Therefore, the advertisements of brand-known for its colorful sodas, raspberry and pineapple flavors, and ginger ale, drink made of ginger and nicknamed "champagne curitibana" – won different versions. After all, in London, as in the rest of Brazil, almost nobody knows what punk means.
Setbacks. The changes, says Marcon, were more than necessary. Although the Cini is almost debt-free, the new factory designed eight years ago in São José dos Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, has more than 50% of idleness. This occurred because the business has shrunk in recent years. The market share in the region of Curitiba, which reached 26% in the decades of 80 and 90, now fell to 10%. The billing parked around $ 60 million.
Although traditional, the Cini's moving so it doesn't turn into a museum piece. The company, which was born as a brewery, producing gaseous already before the first world war. Coca-Cola, although existed since 1896 in America, just opened the first factory in the country in 1942. And the Guarana Antarctica was only created in the years 1920. The fact of the Cini be on fourth generation of customers has been tapped by the Bronx-who has also done work for Coca-Cola. One of the pieces Announces: "Cini, mother to PIA forever".
In the three months that the campaign is on the air, the Cini reported a 20% increase in its sales in Curitiba. But executives know that the reaction can be temporary and that there is still much to do. That's because, despite the tradition, the Cini stayed behind in several other aspects beyond marketing. It's only now, with decades of delay, the company will launch by the end of the year the first canned version of their products. In 2016, the Cini will also have an energy line. "Today we're just in the supermarkets, and completely out of food courts," says Marcon. "We need to take up space, increase the availability of the products.
O Estado de São Paulo
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