Monday, November 16, 2015

Classic blend will have second plant

An eye on the progress of the craft beer market, mixing classical, Volta Redonda brewery with 12 years in the market, but that until now was the hobby to a manager of agribusiness, going to professionalize. Opened an Office in Rio de Janeiro, will more than quadruple the production capacity, with a second plant, and take the distribution, as well as expand the portfolio to compete with imports.
The strategy is risky, but according to the partner Marta Ribeiro, not intended to qualify the company for a possible sale. On the contrary. According to her, her husband and partner, Vinícius Abreu, saw in the harassment of the sector, which came to make an offer for one of the company's labels, a defining moment. "He said that growing up, or sold or, or closed, and decided to grow up," he says.
Its new plant, capable of producing 130 thousand litres per month will be built in the Marina Verolme, in Angra dos Reis. It is a business model that combines experience and consumption in one of the tourist regions of higher purchasing power of the State.
With the unit of Volta Redonda, which produces 40 million pounds, the company intends to use the capacity of 170 thousand liters to produce various kinds of beers and compete with the imported. "The hops and barley are imported. Can I use the same type of hops and replicate the imported with the same quality, with lower price, "says the entrepreneur, who has worked with 28 labels.
In a meeting that flew through the night, the partners decided to keep the table of prices. Not to derail the deal, in addition to assume part of the distribution, will launch new formats, such as a liter and can invest more in marketing. "We understand that this is an investment in the future. Will only overcome this moment solid companies ", he adds.
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