Friday, November 13, 2015

Basket of Sao Paulo rose 1.30 percent in October, says Procon-SP

The basic basket of paulistano was more expensive in October. The Foundation's research in agreement with Procon-SP inter-parliamentary Department statistics and socioeconomic studies (Dieese) indicated high of 1.30% before September. The average price of the products surveyed was 31 set in 452.02 R$. In 2015, the cost of the basic basket registers high of 6.90%. In the last 12 months, the increase is of 12.89%.
The food and cleaning had in October high of 1.27 percent and 4.13 percent, respectively, while the personal hygiene item recorded low of 1.47%. Of the 31 items surveyed, 21 presented high, 9 declined and 1 price remained stable.
The products with the highest high were single sausage (11.53%), laundry detergent (7.72%), sugar (7.30%), adherent absorbent (6.27%) and second without bone (4.46%). The largest falls were registered in the prices of onions ( -35.09%), fine white toilet paper ( -7.67%), egg whites ( -3.96%), potatoes ( -2.36%) and pasta with eggs ( -2.04%).
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