Thursday, November 05, 2015

Baby food ads and artificial milk for babies are regulated

The advertising of foods and products considered harmful to breastfeeding, such as baby foods and artificial milk, will be punished in the country within a year. From this date, companies that promote the products in media, get discounts, freebies or do special promotions in supermarkets will be fined by the national health surveillance agency (Anvisa).
Since 2006, there was already a law which provided for the advertisement ban. However, there was no regulation so far on the topic, by preventing the Agency monitor-multasse-business offenders.
"The measure is essential to improve breastfeeding rates in the country," said the Health Minister, Marcelo Castro. The last survey on the subject, from 2008, showed that 41% of children had breastfeeding as unique food until the six months. A percentage considered low.
The Decree, signed yesterday by President Dilma Rousseff, during the fifth National Conference on food and nutritional security, bring standardised rules for the packaging of products, you will also need to bring warnings about the correct age for the consumption of food and a warning about the importance of breastfeeding for health. The packaging of bottles and pacifiers must inform about the harm they may cause to the breastfeeding.
The Government Regulation, however, arrives late for many companies. Since the issue of the law, many companies was ahead of him and started to make adjustments in their packaging. Many also have reduced advertising. "But there was a significant number who disregard the ban," said the General Coordinator of child health and Breastfeeding and child health of the Ministry of health, Paul Bonilha. Also there was no standardization on the inscriptions. "This change now with the Decree."
In addition, companies cannot use in the packaging of your products photos, drawings or representations that induces the use, as "ideal for your baby" or phrases such as "baby" and "kids".
Bonilha explains that breastfeeding is the first measure to be adopted to ensure the health of the baby. It is estimated that breastfeeding decreases by up to 13% the risk of death of children under five years.
A survey conducted in Brazil that accompanied the growth of 3.5 thousand babies identified a possible link between breast-feeding, intelligence and income. The work found that those who were fed breast milk for longer had better performances in IQ tests in adulthood.
President of the Brazilian Association of children's products (Abrapur) Synésio Batista da Costa says that companies that make baby bottles, pacifiers and nipples already work since all requirements established by law and that the deadline for regulation is appropriate. "This period is quite healthy, because, if the industry has something to adjust, have a timely manner."
Costa criticises, however, the occasion for the presentation of the new rules. "The Government is not to create more embarrassment to the industry. We are living in a complicated moment in the country and we need to have a Pact for peace to work. "
Abras / Jornal O Estado de S. Paulo
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