Thursday, April 10, 2014

New packaging of Intimus communicate the new benefit: absorption technology in seconds

A brand that understands and follows the women on a daily basis always seeks to adapt to the needs of their consumers. With that, Intimus, belonging to the portfolio of American personal hygiene company Kimberly-Clark, decided to expand the absorption technology in seconds for their entire product line.
Intimus marks a new moment in the market, becoming the first to adopt this technology across its product line, reinforcing the commitment to its consumers in providing quality and comfort in the menstrual period.
The Blue Center System coupled with the Canal network absorb the flow in seconds and distribute throughout the absorbent avoiding leaks so you feel dry and protected.
And the news does not stop there: Intimus takes the opportunity to launch the new Intense absorber – the first absorbent on the market with greater protection in front and behind to the first days of greater flow. "It's a model that delivers more comfort that the nocturnal absorbers and more protection than the regulars. Intense enough to offer women an ideal model, comfortable and with ideal protection for the first few days of greater flow, "says Adriana.
Reinforcing the brand positioning to more understand women, the packages also gain a new guise. The new design bet in stronger colors and impactful and better organization of information of each product, facilitating the understanding of the consumer with respect to the main benefit and the type of product that it seeks.
EmbaNews - 10/04/2014
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