Monday, August 19, 2013

Tablet pulls sale in computer industry

Pulled by increased sales of tablets, the computer industry in Brazil sold 10.34 million machines (desktops, notebooks and tablets) from January to June, the highest mark for this period. As compared to the same period in 2012 sales rose 14.7%.
The data are from the Brazilian Association of electrical and Electronics Industries (Abinee), compiled by consultancy IDC and informed exclusively to Broadcast real-time service State Agency.
With 3.3 million units sold in the period, the tablets have ensured the growth of the sector. The category had an increase of 153%. The rapid rise reflects, above all, the reduction in prices of these devices, along with a greater supply of models. According to research, the devices are already found in the range of $ 500.
On the other hand, sales of notebooks and desktops are still losing ground. In the first half of the year 4 million notebooks were sold, a drop of 4.7% on the amount of the same period last year. Already the desktops were retracting 8.8% of sales.
Thus, the slice of tablets on sales to the end of June reached a representativity of 34.8%, compared to 16.1% from the same period of 2012. The notebooks, in turn, have seen their share on sales fall of 47.3% in the first half of last year to 38.4% this year, while desktops retreated from 36.6% to 26.8%.
The advancement of tablets and smartphones on desktops and notebooks is a global movement. "The volume of PCs declined in the world," said the President of Positivo Informática, helium Rotenberg, during conference call with analysts to comment on the results of the second quarter.
The lower demand for traditional computers led overall components manufacturers to move their production lines in order to meet the new devices, which raised the prices of these inputs internationally, said Rotenberg.
This effect and recovery of 15% of the dollar this year on the actual made up the prices of PCs in Brazil. In the case of Positivo Informática, the strategy of the company was betting on the extension of lines of alternative products to computers. For the second half of the year, the company will launch six new models of tablets, and start manufacturing its own smartphones. The tablets already represent almost 16% of Positive sales.
Even with the decline sales of computers, the bet is that desktops follow as a first option to purchase items, especially about the classes C and d. But the participation of notebooks, as first, must follow in growth, in the assessment of Positive Executive.
Only in the second quarter of this year, sales of desktops, notebooks and tablets grew 16.4%, adding up 5.52 million units. During this period, sales of tablets advanced 151%, while those of notebooks fell 5.4% and 14.8% retreated desktops.
O Estado de São Paulo - 16/08/2013
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