Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finn broadens portfolio and reformulates the packaging line

Finn, sweetener brand for consumers who care about the health and practice healthy habits, launches on the market 100% Stévia Finn. The sweetener is composed by natural substance extracted from the plant Stévia Rebaudiana by using a handmade process, which guarantees the quality and naturalness of the final product.
The Finn Stévia line helps control diet calories, contributes to a healthy weight loss and assists in the control of diabetes. The brand also relaunches its Sucralose, which now is 100% formulation Sucralose.
In this way, Finn becomes the first brand in the market have only version for Sucralose-without being combined with other substances. With the news, Finn keeps his trademark position innovative sweetener, being the first with Finn 100% 100% Stévia Finn and Sucralose. In addition to the releases, the brand also innovates in packaging. The image of the measuring tape, icon recognized by the public, is kept in evidence.
The new layouts will highlight the substances and explain their specific properties to consumers through summaries on the back of the cartridges. Approved by the National Association of Support to Diabetes, Finn sweeteners have the institution's seal embossed on the front of packaging.
Finn 100% Stévia liquid formats will be available in 65 ml packaging, and envelope with sachets of 800 mg (in cartridge with 50 units). Finn 100% Sucralose will be available in liquid, in 65 ml packaging, and envelope with sachets of 800 mg (in cartridge with 50 and 100 units). In addition, sucralose version will also feature with the Finn Family packing: with 150 g and dosing spoon, the family format is practical and elegant, ideal for the coffee table.
Guia da Embalagem - 27/08/2013
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