Monday, August 12, 2013

Coca-Cola Zero takes music and technology for the packaging

Special Edition Coca-Cola Zero to Rock in Rio will have application for smartphones. For the first time, the "internet of things" is used in soda
Coca-Cola Zero will play and sing-literally. After the success of campaigns with names and destinations, the brand brings music and technology to their packaging: from August, the latasde 350 ml and 600 ml bottles will have a new application, available paraAndroid and iOS, with exclusive playlists including seven different musical styles (Metal, pop, Rock, Pop, classical, electronic and Hip Hop), taking as a starting point the largest music and entertainment festival in the world, Rock in Rio.
All playliststerão songs of bands who have played in previous editions of the festival or which will perform in this year's Edition, scheduled for between September 13a22. To listen, simply download the Coca-Cola Zero Music application, scan asoundwavedas packages of Coca-Cola Zeroe put to play on your phone or tablet. In addition to listening to the music, you can also create custom playlists according to each musical style and sharing on social networks.To access them over the internet, simply enter the promo code gift packs directly on the site of the brand name:
The concept on which are based the new packaging is the "internet of things" (Internet ofThings), a trend that connects common everyday objects to the internet. "Think of an integrated world, where each object, even a can of soda, connects, interacts with the user and provides numerous information. For Coca-Cola Zero, a brand committed to innovation, this is a reality, "says Gian Martinez, diretorde creative excellence of Coca-Cola Brazil.
The campaign
With the campaign "the more Rock in Rio better," Coca-Cola Zero unites music and technology to provide to young people around the Brazil the possibility of participating in the Rock in Rio in a unique way. Through technological innovation, a special edition of Coke Zero will give access to the festival's most successful songs.
"Not all young people are able to go to the festival and enjoy the songs. Therefore, we believe it is a duty of the Coca-Cola Zero enable this experience. With the success of the campaign ' discover your Coke Zero ', in which we put the names on the cans, we identified that the best way that we had to deliver the experience of Rock in Rio was the Pack of Coca-Cola Zero, "says Kim Faris, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Trademark.
Ogilvy Mather & River, responsible for the last two campaigns of the brand names and cities, also subscribes to the "the more Rock in Rio, which has TV, Movie Theaters, Internet, Mobile, in addition to the packaging.The JWT made digital content and the Mutato, online.
Guia da Embalagem - 12/08/2013
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