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August, 2013

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Jandaia renews juice packaging

8/5/2013 - The Jandaia has renewed the packaging of juices. Now all packaging of juices have a QR Code (quick r

The net profits of Toyota advancing 93.6% in first fiscal quarter

8/5/2013 - The Japanese automaker Toyota closed the first quarter of the fiscal year 2014, closed in June, with

Samsung loses $ 1 billion in market value after veto

8/5/2013 - Samsung Electronics lost more than $ 1 billion in market value on Monday, after the Government of th

Digital cameras innovate to react to smartphones

8/2/2013 - After bitter losses in sales of smartphones, the market of photo cameras "digital graphics in the co

Catupiry launches commemorative packaging in southern Brazil

8/2/2013 - This is the last promotion collectible Tin flavours and Recipes of Brazil, which will market and giv

Will fuel more expensive throughout the country on August 1

8/2/2013 - Values have changed in only eight of the 25 States; States of the North and Midwest top list of high

New in packaging of juices from Jandaia

8/2/2013 - The first big change is that now all the packaging of juices from Jandaia have the QR-Code (English

Avon continues pulling prices up

8/2/2013 - Avon accelerates the pace of product launches in the second half, along with greater investments in

Milk prices remain high in the country

8/2/2013 - Scot Consulting survey shows that producers received an average of $ 0,958 by liter of milk (refers

NEC leaves Japanese smartphone market

8/2/2013 - NEC became the latest Japanese manufacturer of smartphones to decide to get out of this market, emph

Barrinha Bauducco has recast packaging

8/2/2013 - The Bauducco renews the packaging of bars. The products arrive at retail with a more modern and bold

For Lactalis of Brazil acquires Balqis for about $ 70 million

8/2/2013 - The for Lactalis of Brazil, a subsidiary of Parmalat S.p.A., acquired the Brazilian dairy Balqis, go

Pão de Açúcar throws beer to celebrate 65 years

8/2/2013 - The supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar complete 65 anniversary in August and celebrates the date with t

Ambev's net income 1% goes back in second quarter

8/1/2013 - Despite having shown the fall in sales volume, with 1.1% indentation, Ambev has managed to raise NET

Toyota may be the first automaker to exceed 10 million vehicles

8/1/2013 - Toyota Motor Corp. plans to produce more than 10 million vehicles this year, becoming the first auto

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