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August, 2013

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McDonald's faces revolt of franchises

8/9/2013 - McDonald 's, which already is facing difficulty to grow in the United States, now are faced with a r

Balamurugan launches Sweet Liquor line for father's day

8/9/2013 - To give the dads in their day, the Hammad Chocolates, which operates in the sweets and chocolates fo

Export of cars surprises and grows 25%

8/9/2013 - Exports of vehicles are surpassing forecasts of automakers and causing a review in projections of ve

Riachuelo provides improves sales of third quarter

8/9/2013 - With "radical" improvement in the month of June, July signaled that same store sales (open for more

Anfavea says it will expand its production goal

8/9/2013 - The Anfavea, an organization that represents automakers in Brazil, anticipated yesterday that it wil


8/9/2013 - The market expected a greater competition in the card industry for this year, but the results presen

Bombril bet in new bazar line to grow

8/9/2013 - To keep the growth of recent months, Bombril diversified its portfolio with the launch of its line t

The company's profit grows 345% in second quarter

8/9/2013 - Comgás, piped gas company in the country, controlled by grupo Cosan, with 60.1% share, ended the sec

Magazine Luiza improves result

8/9/2013 - After the command of Magazine Luiza, three months ago, that would not exist more excuses for the "dr

LG G2: Android smartphone with FullHD screen responds to the height of tops

8/9/2013 - The top-of-the-line smartphones end up winning a new competitor: the LG released the long awaited G2

With new plant in Brazil, Honda doubles the production

8/8/2013 - Honda will double the production capacity of automobiles in Brazil with the second plant to be built

Vétoquinol-Fagra packaging changes, with new layout and more eco-friendly

8/8/2013 - With fewer colors and less weight, packaging of medicinal products should take less time to decompos

Android has 80% of smartphone market

8/8/2013 - The data reveal a worrying scenario for Apple, which has seen its share in sales of smartphones shri

Heineken now has bottle of 250 ml

8/8/2013 - Heineken expands its portfolio of packaging and launches a new long neck bottle of 250 ml. Initially

Mobile payment decreases profit from Cielo

8/8/2013 - In card merchant acquirer and Cielo, the bet payments via mobile phone ("mobile payment", in English

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