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Last year, the cosmetic market was worth $ 36.2 billion, up 15.2% more than in the previous year, which demonstrates the strong growth potential of the sector. No wonder that sales of packaging for this thread already represent 70% of the trades carried out by three major national companies serving this market-Netherlands, C-Pack and Igaratiba.
On the strength of this market, the West Indies, one of the largest manufacturers of packaging, divided its business into two distinct areas: retail and industry. The company, based in Santana do Parnaíba (SP), invested last year, more than $ 30 million in automation projects and acquisition of new equipment to speed up customer service. With this, increased by 140% its production capacity and plans to double its sales from 2011 to 2015, according to the company's sales manager, John Janet Luongo Junior.
"Two years ago we started this project to meet the demand of the industry, which invests in products and processes to differentiate," he explains.
According to the Executive Director of the Brazilian Packaging Association (Abre), Luciana Pellegrino, the cosmetic companies have discovered some time ago the attraction power of packaging, that end up adding value to products. "We see a continued investment, because the correct use of them can bring, including efficiency in the whole process, from production to distribution and transportation," he explains.
According to data from open containers in general production, intended for all sectors of the industry (the entity do not subdivide the segments), should grow around 2% this year. Last year, the sector that includes more fragrance soaps, detergents and cleaning products targeted average growth of 3.32% in production, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE) and everything indicates that should keep warm this year.
In addition to the need to make the product appealing, there is a widespread infidelity among Brazilian consumers with regard to cosmetics. Many do not care for brands, and Yes to what each product can offer. So, the bet in design industry to innovate.
"The imports and the increase in travel abroad meant that the Brazilians had contact with even more sophisticated products, forcing the national industry to invest in containers," says Pellegrino.
According to the Bureau of foreign trade (Secex) of the Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade (Mdic), last year imports of packaging totaled $ 853 million, an increase of 1.09% from 2011, while exports accounted for $ 498 million, a drop of 10.83%.
The decrease in export index indicates an increase in domestic demand, especially the so-called "fantastic four", formed by Avon, Natura, the Apothecary and Jequiti.
Manufacturer of plastic tubes, the C-Pack won last year, $ 100 million. According to the company's commercial Director, Fabio Yassuda, that number should reach $ 130 million in 2013. "Revenue should grow, as well as our productive capacity that will be 130 million to 160 million tubes", says the Director. In addition, the company, based in Florianópolis (SC), will invest $ 40 million for the construction of two new lines that should be ready in 2014. "Over the past two years, we invested r $ 80 million to raise capacity. In 2014, we will invest more, "says Paula.
The same evolution is registered by Igaratiba. The manufacturer of Campinas (SP) also focus on design and technology to offer a differential cosmetics producers, according to the company's commercial Manager, Valter Quintino. In 2012, the Igaratiba won $ 250 million accounting for all sectors in which it operates. For Quentin, by the end of 2014, the company's revenue should grow at 12%.
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