Friday, May 24, 2013

Klabin sells recycled paper mill to the Tocantins

SÃO PAULO Klabin sold for the packaging industry Tocantins the recycled paper mill installed in Ponte Nova (MG), whose operations were suspended since March 2009. Sought, Klabin confirmed the deal, but did not provide details of the operation. The agreement, according to the Broadcast, it was news in real time from Agência Estado, is protected by signed confidentiality clauses by companies. The report did not find any Director of Tocantins to comment on the deal.
The unit had a capacity to produce approximately 50 thousand tons of recycled paper and should return to operate officially in a few weeks. The staff hiring process has already been started. When he announced the shutdown of the unit, Klabin has formalized the dismissal of 118 employees. Some remained employed and were responsible for site maintenance and equipment.
The command of the unit changed hands for about two months. The Tocantins was founded in 1986 and is also headquartered in the State of Minas Gerais. Is a small business by the standards of the corrugated board, led by large companies like Klabin, the MWV Rigesa and Orsa American International Paper packaging. The latter is an association between Orsa and the American Brazilian International Paper and started to operate in joint venture earlier this year.
Klabin operates factories of recycled paper in Goiana (PE), Guapimirim (RJ) and Piracicaba (SP), with an installed capacity of little more than 150 thousand tons per year. This amount shall be extended in mid-2014, when will be installed a new recycled paper in Goiana (PE), with annual capacity of 110 thousand tons per year. The project is valued at $ 300 million.
Before the announcement of investments in Pernambuco, Klabin ponder investing approximately r $ 350 million in a recycled paper machine in Angatuba (SP), with annual capacity of approximately 250 thousand tons per year. The project, however, is no longer mentioned as investments in Guava advanced.
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