Monday, May 27, 2013

GranBio purchase part of the API and will have access to develop cellulosic ethanol

The biofuels company Granbio, the family bought 25% of Gradin, American clean technology company American Process Inc. (API) for undisclosed amounts. Second statement "with the agreement, GranBio will have access to a biomass pretreatment platform that makes it possible, with reduced costs, develop cellulose sugar as a raw material for the conversion of a wide variety of biochemical products and biofuels".
Bernardo Gradin, President of GranBio said that this is a strategic move, "since the pre-treatment solution developed by API enables the production of low-cost cellulose sugar," he said. The President of the API, Theodora Retsina, said that the intention is to build a commercial-scale plant in Brazil and another in the United States. "We believe that the production of low-cost sugar is the key to unlocking the potential of biomass as feedstock for fuels, chemicals and other products," he said.
The API has been created in the 90 as an engineering consulting firm to the C&P industry. Today, she specializes in developing cost-effective technologies for the production of sugar and ethanol from biomass. The GranBio, created in 2011, develops technologies for the production of biofuels and is investing $ 350 million in the construction of a power plant in Alagoas.
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