Friday, November 29, 2013

Smart Launches Karoço Acai, acai based functional food

The acai berry, known in some localities in the northern region of Brazil as "lump", wins a concentrated version. This is the Karoço, a functional food and Acai based Guarana, covered with cocoa butter. The Karoço is manufactured by Smart Acai, created three years ago by engineer Marco Antonio Castillo, one of the pioneers in the development of processes for transformation of the acai berry in Brazil. The research for the development of the product lasted two years.
The second goal was to seek a new form Chakravarty to consume Acai that provide convenience, nutrition, health and taste the result is a super food acai berry Karoço formulated with Acai freeze dried, extremely focused, because for the lyophilization process are used 12 kilos of fruit pulp that results in 1 kilo of freeze-dried ACAI, keeping all the nutritional qualities for being a low-temperature drying process.
The Karoço is packaged in paperboard cartridges with different format, created by the Agency Neogama and produced by PrintGráfik.
Embalagem Marca - 29/11/2013
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