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Manufacturer wants to expand the use of PET in the cosmetic sector

Expand the use of PET packaging for the cosmetics sector is manufacturer's plan paulista Spiltag to multiply by five its revenue until 2018. The company, which invests in small volumes and customization to meet customers as Niely, Mahogany and Jequiti, invests in new machines, and certifications on system lean byfor to prepare its production to growth.
"We have today about 800 customers. Our idea is to increase that base, but what they buy, "says Luiz Gustavo Spila's Manager, who took over the company from his parents in 2011. "The PET packaging not yet participates both in the mix of customers, composing one or two items. We want to work to increase it, "said. According to him, before there was a drawback to it, that was the price difference compared to polyethylene, for example. "Today the gap has decreased," he said.
With plant in Marília (SP), the company created in 1996 started its activities geared towards mass production of packaging for the segments of drinks and liquids such as soft drinks, hot drinks, soy sauce and kerosene. From 2003, started operating in the cosmetic market, with higher added value.
"Arrived at a point where our manufacturing model was already worn out, we were geared for mass production, when our customers were demanding more and more flexibility. In search of better margins, we turn to cosmetics sector, with a very large range of products, "reports.
With average growth of 6 percent annually in recent years-before average advance 10% per annum in industry sales of personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics, according to the industry association-Spila, fitted the mission to leverage the company's growth. The goal is to reach $ 150 million over five years, compared to the projection of 2013 closing with a turnover of r $ 29.6 million.
To this end, the manufacturer has expanded its sales team from seven to 18 representatives, who went through training to better understand the needs of the company. "We invest in manufacturing flexibility and customer proximity, with a greater variety of items online, which can be sold in small quantities-most companies work with large batches, we can produce a batch of a box," he says.
Another change is the introduction of lean manufacturing ("lean manufacturing", in English, management practice created in Japanese industry Toyota). "We try to identify the activities that add value and those that are waste, to do more with less. Working lean, we managed to reduce fixed costs, "he says.
The businessman also invested in certifications, favouring the undertaking in competition for providing the major manufacturers. The industry already has since 2005 with the certificate ISO 9001, quality management. This year, won the ISO 14001, of the environment. Now, the company must invest in workplace safety certifications and social responsibility. "Every major client audit partner companies, then the certification opens some doors," says the Director.
An eye in 2014 the results start to appear, warrants the entrepreneur. "We have received orders last quarter already indicates higher growth rates from 2014," he says. Normally, this is a quarter of crash at turn of seasonality, because consumer industries have already made their purchases to meet the demand of end of year.
Second Spila, the utilization rate of industrial park of the company is at 80% and will be invested around r $ 2 million for expansion of production capacity in 15% next year. "To support growth until 2018, we will need to invest about $ 2.5 million a year just on equipment", design. In addition to the expansion of capacity, the productivity gain in equipment already installed should also give rise to production growth, he predicts.
Having as main competitors the catarinense Plast AB and paulista, Igaratiba also the company buys PET resin of the national market leader M&G and, for the next year, plan to establish supply contract longer, to reduce their exposure to the dollar variation. "We work with weekly stock, so the fluctuation of the dollar in the third quarter worried us. Next year let's get reduce this exposure, perhaps negotiating with the supplier purchases higher, with delivery in lots parceled out. But we are studying the best way, "he says.
For 2014, the company also wants to expand its participation in foreign markets, where he began to Act last year, through distributors in Paraguay and Colombia. "We are participating in trade fairs abroad and the next step will be to expand our own international sales team to meet medium and large industries," he says. Today the foreign market sales represent less than 5% of the total and the expectation is to reach a participation of up to 10%.
Diário Comércio Indústria e Serviços – 28/11/2013
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