Friday, November 29, 2013

Launch Ready Granja Regina

An eye on the needs of current society, the farm Regina decided to innovate and offer its customers a practical product, healthy and quick preparation. And so was developed its new line of products: chicken roast cuts without fat, tempered and frozen IQF. A revolution for the market.
And to mark the launch of this idea, the Band entered into the field. The first step was to think of the name of this product. As inspiration, the agency used the greatest advantages of the product to create a catchy name and translate the concept. After breaking the head with various ideas and immerse themselves in research, we have come to the conclusion that the differential more interesting for the name was the practicality. From there, a simple name and easy assimilation: Ready.
Name already chosen, it was time to develop the package. Considering the objectivity of the product and if inspiring brands that reflect health in their labels, the Band developed a minimalist, clean, modern look, highlighting the information that matters most to the consumer on the purchase. The cursive font expresses a relationship of humanity with the brand, while the colors and images they differ according to the options offered.
After name and packaging created, arrived in time to present the product to consumers. Create an ad campaign focusing on key attributes that combine with the busy lifestyle of the target. Having as a concept "the practical and tasty way of eating well", the planning involved massive media, such as TV, billboards, magazines and newspapers, in addition to placements in movie theaters. The strategy is to present the purpose of Ready, its variety of consumption and how much can facilitate routine, without giving up a nutritious food. The film, produced in Curitiba, shows well this versatility.
Blog da Bando - 28/11/2013
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