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Covid-19: study points to efficacy of vaccine produced in Russia

After much waiting and pressure from the scientific community, the results of phase 1 and 2 tests on the Vaccine Sputnik V, developed by Russia, were released on the morning of Friday (4/9), in the journal The Lancet, one of the most respected in the academic world.
According to the study, the immunization method of the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow induced immune response to fight the new coronavirus within 21 days and did not cause adverse effects on volunteers within 42 days of application, demonstrating safety.
Another positive point is that within 28 days, T cells – a type of lymphocyte (body defense cell) – also produced a response to the vaccine, strengthening the participants' immune systems.
At a press conference on Friday morning, the director general of the Russian Investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriev, said that the vaccine causes twice as many antibodies as those observed in cured covid-19 people.
According to The Gamaleya Institute's director, Alexander Guintsburg, the protective effect of immunization will last at least two years. "We hope for even more," he said.
"We can say that this immunization process (with memory cells) will not only create a good immunization, but the action of this immunity will last a long time," Guintsburg added.
Sputinik V was the first vaccine to be registered in the world on August 11, before scientists presented evidence to prove its safety. The Russian government's stance has generated mistrust from other countries.
Asked about the wait for the publication of the studies, the director of the Gamaleya Institute said that "according to Russian regulators, the publication could only come out after the drug is registered because the preliminary publication can be considered as a pressure on scientists and people who will register the drug."
In Brazil, the government of Paraná has partnered to manufacture the immunizer and plans to start testing in a month. The Federal District also began negotiations to follow the same path.
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