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Fiocruz president says Brazil 'took a risk' to have vaccine

Optimistic but cautious, sociologist Nísia Trindade Lima celebrates the future production of vaccines against Covid-19, which are being developed by the University of Oxford, at Bio-Manguinhos, fiocruz's laboratory, an institution she is president of. This is an investment of R$ 693.4 million, and there are no guarantees that the product will be effective. Nísia, however, defends the partnership, highlighting the importance of technology transfer, which can even contribute to the country overcoming other diseases, such as H1N1 influenza.
In an interview with GLOBO, Nísia says that Brazil cannot run the risk of being excluded from the world production of vaccines and a future treatment against Covid-19.
Because the results of clinical trials will not be known before October, pandemic protection measures, such as hygiene and the use of masks, should not be abandoned, she says, which also calls for investment in the public health system and the organization of vaccination campaigns. -29/06/2020 Noticia traduzida automaticamente
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