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Veracel promotes actions to combat the new coronavirus in Bahia

Veracel - one of the largest pulp producers in Brazil - has made important investments in actions to combat the coronavirus pandemic in Bahia. The measures adopted by the company in recent days include the assembly of a field hospital and donations of mechanical respirators, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), food and hygiene and cleaning items. The measures benefit health professionals and thousands of residents of 11 municipalities in the state's far-south. "The company has been implementing an integrated set of actions composed of several fronts of activities. One of the initiatives is a partnership with Suzano and the government of Bahia, which is enabling the construction of a field hospital in Teixeira de Freitas," says Andreas Birmoser, CEO of Veracel Celulose. The hospital will have 20 icu beds, with physical and mobile respirators and will be fully bankrolled by the two companies. The state government will bear the cost of maintaining the unit. "These beds will be dedicated to people who contract Covid-19. I am sure that this initiative will help save many lives in our region," Birmoser said. In addition to the hospital, Veracel organized a joint action with partner companies for the donation of more than 86,000 health and hygiene items to the Health Departments of the municipalities of Porto Seguro and Eunápolis, where the company's headquarters are located. Donated materials include items such as disposable masks, caps, surgical gloves, goggles, and aprons. Another action is the donation of sodium hypochlorite, at the concentration of 2.5% chlorine, a substance used for the disinfection of environments. Veracel has already distributed 30,000 liters of the product to the municipal health departments of Eunápolis, Canavieiras, Belmonte, Guaratinga, Itabela, Itagimirim, Itapebi, Mascote, Potiraguá, Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália. The company will also donate food and basic hygiene items to approximately 2,500 families. These communities will also receive sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and usage guidelines. There is also an ongoing articulation between a network of seamstresses, community associations and small entrepreneurs from the municipalities of the region for the manufacture of 15,000 homemade masks, which are already being donated to Veracel employees and partner companies. Andreas Birmoser says That Veracel was one of the companies in the sector pioneered in implementing preventive measures in its operation. "We have made several adjustments to our work routines, within our commitment not to measure efforts to ensure the health and safety of all our employees," he says. Among other initiatives, he cited the implementation of a home office for administrative staff, an increase in the number of buses for the transportation of employees, the implementation of shifts for the use of cafeterias and the strengthening of hygiene in all sectors of the company.
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