segunda-feira, 13 de abril, 2020

New Product Category

With more than 220 SKUs, The Interbrilho Group plans its entry into a new segment of operations, different from retail - in which it operates with brands such as Rodabrill, Petbrilho and Prime Grill. In an exclusive interview with Giro News, Henrique Caran, president of the company, reveals that, in the second half of the year, "Hosp-clean" will be launched. "It is a hospital hygiene line composed of surface cleaners, liquid soap and gel alcohol. We will invest about R$ 500,000." Recently, the company also launched two car cleaners: 70% liquid alcohol and 70% alcohol gel with cloth. The news is part of Rodabrill and should arrive at retail this month. With revenues of R$ 60 million in 2019, Interbrilho expects to grow 10% this year. Due to Coronavirus, the company will postpone its other releases scheduled for the year. "We are investing in digital content with tips for using products on social networks. In this period, sales of 'Clean Screens' doubled. As it is a product that fights bacteria, demand has increased due to new hygiene habits", explains the president. According to Henrique, in the retail sector, a stability in sales was observed. Meanwhile, Interbrilho found a 10% to 15% drop in the distributor and retailer segments, due to the closing of trade. "We suspend the presence of sales promoters in stores and adapt our meetings with suppliers and customers to digital, through videoconferences", concludes the President.
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