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Restaurants specialize in dishes made with one product

Have you ever thought about setting up a business anchored to a single product? In Rio de Janeiro, two restaurants bet on this strategy. A snack that for many people is known as ham and cheese rolls got the name on its knees in Rio de Janeiro. That's because when it comes time to sell, he was always put on the tray, under the cushions. In Copacabana, a snack bar specialized in knee. The idea was the entrepreneur Felipe Issa: "We ended up choosing the knee because it is a salty that we ate in our childhood and eat until today. We saw an opportunity to innovate with this salty one." Felipe opened his knee in May last year in partnership with his wife, Juliana Issa, and a childhood friend, Romulo Ozório. "The single product helped us because we focused on a product and the suppliers are the same. This helped to gain experience and then diversify more", says Juliana. The joelheria has the traditional taste of ham and cheese, but offers 14 more options. In the premium line there are brie and gorgonzola cheeses, banana, guava and a chocolate classic that no one can resist. The knees cost from R$ 6.50 to R$ 7.50. The partners sell, on average, 300 knees per day. Another company that invested in the wave of the monoproduct is a restaurant in Ipanema. Everything on the menu is made with egg. It was an idea that chef Rodrigo Gomes had during a job in the gastronomy course: "I decided to make a bistro bread with egg. The teachers really liked the idea, they found it interesting. I decided to create a small environment, with a single product, that everyone likes." Rodrigo and the partners invested R$ 400,000 in the bistro. They serve egg sandwich, egg in the pot, omelettes, cakes and pastries. To meet the demand and all menu options, 4,000 eggs are used per week. Billing is R$ 100,000 per month. The next step is to open another store, now in Leblon, and franchise the business model that only sells products with egg. The soul of business For Ibemec Rio professor Samuel Barros, investing in the concept of monoproduct is a good option for entrepreneurs who are starting businesses: "When you talk about monoproduct, it allows you to have carousel of products using the same matrix, which greatly reduces your cost and greatly facilitates its operation." But you have to be careful, because not every business anchored in a single product works. "The risk is choosing a bad product with little chance of diversification," Samuel warns. The disadvantage of the monoproduct is excessive exposure upon a single product and the advantage is specialization. Check out some tips: Start small Observe the competition and see if there are no other companies with the same product Know the product very well to have chance of success Search the market
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