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Food Sales and Cleaning Skyrockets, Nielsen Says

Due to The Covid-19, sales of food, health items and cleanliness skyrocketed in Latin America, according to Nielsen, a market intelligence firm. In the health segment, Brazil recorded a 972% increase in sales on March 2 and 8, compared to the previous year. In Chile, growth was 145%, followed by 128% in Peru, 83% in Argentina and 58% in Mexico. Food replacement increased by 121% in Brazil and the cleaning basket registered a 51% increase. According to the survey, the sale of alcohol gel grew 2857% in the country. Other products that stood out were cleaning utensils (+75%) and frozen cuts of meat (+67%). Methodology According to Nielsen, weekly data were compiled in all physical stores of major Latin American retail chains and classified in two ways: first by food baskets, health and cleaning, and then by more searched categories. The data was updated until the first week of March.
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