segunda-feira, 30 de março, 2020

59% of People Are Working in Home Office

With the Covid-19 pandemic, 59.9% of Brazilians are working in the home office and 40.1% are not. With this, 41.6% is using new productivity tools for video conferencing calls and other online content generation tools. More than 15% of Brazilians will not survive without billing for a month, according to Hibou, a market research and monitoring company, in partnership with Indico, a data platform. Consumer Behavior Also according to Hibou / Indico, 90.5% of customers will give preference to brands that do something relevant in this phase. In terms of financial solutions, 97.8% of Brazilians want a tax discount now and for the coming months. And of the companies, they expect the same, 94.64% would like them to postpone slips and eliminate the collection of interest.
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