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Ceagesp estimates loss of R$ 24 million due to rain in SP

The Company of Warehouses and General Warehouses of São Paulo (Ceagesp) estimates that the damage due to the flood after the heavy rains that hit São Paulo was R$ 24 million. In a press conference on the afternoon of Tuesday (11), Ceagesp said that R$ 20 million in products and another R$ 4 million in unrealized sales were lost. The operation was interrupted in the warehouse, the largest in Latin America, on Monday (10). The site, which is located in Vila Leopoldina, West Zone, is still without electricity on Tuesday and remains closed for cleaning work. Numerous trucks have been stranded for more than 24 hours. The company's president, Johnni Hunter Nogueira, said 7,000 tons of food were lost. Ceagesp is expected to be reopened on wednesday afternoon (12) and that by Thursday the supply is normalized. About 250 trucks are still trapped in the warehouse. According to Nogueira, the appropriate measures are already being taken, such as the activation of cleaning and collection teams for the removal of all accumulated waste and goods unfit for consumption. "Our concern was the disposal of food that could be contaminated by the waters. Disposal will be done through landfills and we hire more trucks and more machines so that this is done as soon as possible," Nogueira said. Task forces will also be set up to monitor the 24-hour market, with surveillance and security work, "in order to inhibit the illegal commercialization of goods and thus prevent possible cases of food contamination." "On speculation about a possible shortage or increase in prices, the Company believes that such rumors are unfounded and that once market marketing works again, all of this will also return to its normal pace," Ceagesp said in a statement. . In addition to the temporary cancellation of food receipt and donation due to possible contamination by rainwater, the warehouse was also affected by the drop in electricity, which still persists in 30% of the boxes of the plant. According to Ceagesp, the expectation is that by the end of the day the situation will already be normalized in all pavilions. The van that takes place on Wednesdays will not work.
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