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Arabica coffee has less value in more than 5 years in Brazil, points Cepea

The Arabica coffee, the more consumed in the world, reached the lowest value in more than 5 years in Brazil, the Center for advanced studies in applied economics (Cepea). The record harvest of coffee from Brazil last season and the prospect of a big production in the next harvest, which begins in a few more weeks, have pressed the external values of Arabica coffee. As a result, domestic prices fell. "With the recent and continuing falls in prices, current monthly averages are the lowest since January 2014 for Arabica and 2013 December for robusta, in real terms (values deflated), stated the entity of Esalq/USP. This situation keeps producers retracted on the market, "only when necessary", completed the Cepea. In partial March (until 25), the average of the indicator Cepea/Esalq of type 6 Arabica drink hard to better, post in Sao Paulo, is r $396,16/bag of 60 kg, a drop of 14.7 percent compared to March, in real terms. For the robust, the average 6 type 13 sieve above is r $303/sack this month, lower than 8.2% when compared with March of last year. Last week, the Arabic came to be traded under $380/sack and robust, of R $300.
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