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Nugali invests R $10 million in new chocolate factory in Pomerode

Frequent presence on podiums of international competitions of chocolate, Nugali will inaugurate this year, if all goes well in the first half, a new plant in Pomerode. The space will have 2000 square meters, double the current, and will be one of the attractions a greenhouse built in half-timbered style cocoa. The Maitê Lang, one of the founders of the business, wants to open it for visiting tourists and curious, providing a kind of tourism experience. The investment in the plant is at least R $10 million. There is still no date set for the opening. The Nugali ended 2018 with 900 active sales points throughout the country, between supermarkets and specialty stores in articles. The year was also marked by some of the certifications that meet the brand products vegan and Jewish audiences. The company does not open the billing, but Maite says that sales had increased 15% real. To 2019, the goal is to grow 20 percent and seek, from the second half of the year, new commercial partners abroad. With the new factory, the goal is to double production and also the turnover. Roots for who doesn't know, it's worth taking a peek at the Youtube channel of Nugali. The company launched in December a series of three videos called Roots. They show the whole trajectory of chocolate production, since the cocoa harvest in the South of Bahia and inside the Stop to a transformation in Pomerode. One of the ideas is to highlight the importance of the fruit to the income of families of farmers and the concern to develop a high-quality product while respecting sustainability attributes.
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