quarta-feira, 28 de fevereiro, 2018

Suspends operation project of supermarkets on Sundays

Currently in the House of representatives a draft legislative decree suspending the Decree (9,127/17) which includes supermarkets and hypermarkets among the establishments authorized to work permanently on Sundays and holidays. The information of the Agency Board. Mr Daniel Almeida (PCdoB-BA), who presented the proposal, justifies the opening of trade on Sundays and holidays, as opposed to traders, has not increased the movement, just downloaded the consumer preference for these days, failing to do their shopping in the remaining days of the week. He argues that the Executive Branch has exceeded his powers by editing the decree in August 2017, without observing the CLT (consolidation of labor laws) and the law/07 11,603, which deals with the functioning of the trade on Sunday observed the municipal legislation and the collective bargaining agreements. The change, according to the representative, should be made through the bill approved by the House and the Senate. Before being voted on by the plenary, the project will be reviewed by the Committee of economic development, industry, trade and services; work, public service and administration; and Constitution and justice and citizenship.
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