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Supermarket can double revenues in the month of December

With the proximity of the holidays, super and hypermarkets entrepreneurs can earn up to twice a month common. It is estimated the Brazilian Institute of Retail executives and Consumer Market (Ibevar). "This movement occurs because of year-end celebrations, in which people program for purchases of food for the Christmas and new year suppers", says the Director of the Ibevar vowel, Nuno Fouto. The most popular items in super and hypermarkets this time of year are seasonal products such as nuts, Christmas pudding and Christmas baskets, aside from meat, poultry and fish, beverages (beer, sparkling wines, whiskies) and accessories and Add-ons for the date. Consumer confidence and the willingness to spend also influence in this scenario. One factor that might curb purchases of new year's Eve is the restriction of consumer income. "When you go up this restriction, first, there is an attempt to change the marks of the products, but keeping the consumption. Then comes the replacement of these items, "the specialist. /The Redaction
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