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Only For professionals, Trade activity Retreated

Just in the month which is held Black Friday in Brazil, which had record sales this year and contrary to how indexes of Ebit | Nielsen, who pointed out the revenue of R $2.6 billion on the date; the Serasa Experian argues that the movement of consumers in stores across the country retreated 0.5 percent in November, has already made the seasonal adjustments. When compared with November last year, there was growth of 5.4%. According to economists, the retailer activity in November was impacted negatively by the excesses of the holidays and their respective "bridges" that took place in that month, decreasing the flow of shoppers in stores. According to Serasa, three segments retailers showed setbacks in comparison with the previous month: furniture, electronics and Informatics (-0.8%); vehicles, motorcycles and parts (-1.0%); and fuels and lubricants (-0.9%). Meanwhile, the National Association of Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products (Down) says there was a growth of approximately 5% in industry sales during Black Friday this year. In the evaluation of Serasa, supermarkets, hypermarkets, food and beverages remained stable in November and the segments of building material (0.9%) and the textiles, clothing, footwear and accessories (0.6%) had positive balance. The methodology of the Serasa Experian Indicator of Trade activity is built, exclusively, by the volume of monthly queries performed by commercial establishments to Serasa Experian's data base and made up of around 6,000 commercial enterprises.
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