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3corações sees jump in sales in 2018 and great coffee harvest in Brazil in 2019

The 3corações group, a leader in sales of roasted coffee ground of Brazil provides & an abundant harvest in the country next year, increasing consumption and casts heavy investments in the Brazilian market, where its business has grown at double-digit pace annually, said the Reuters company President. Ahead of a company must earn almost 5 billion reais this year and keeping an eye on a market of products with higher added value, Pedro Lima speaks with enthusiasm about initiatives of 3corações in order to encourage the production of quality coffee, which increasingly attracts cons umidores. But he also thinks at all. "We're different coffees, coffee microlots ... where the consumer is, we're going to follow," said Lima, commenting that the interest of Brazilians by best grains was expanded with the aid of a program of the brazilian coffee industry association, improve the quality of all production. With 27% toasted market ground in Brazil, & over 60% in the segment of cappuccino and second in sales in the country in soluble, behind Nestle, the Group 3corações expects a large brazilian crop next year to help the company achieve its goals. According to Lima, son of John Adams, founder of the company that originated the Group--today a 50/50 joint venture with the Israeli Strauss Group Ltd, the crop of 2019 has the potential to be the largest one-year low of biannual cycle of Arabic. " Our expectation, company Verticalized, with team of experts across the country, is a crop of 55 million sacks in 2019, "said Lima, which would be a drop of 5 million sacks before the record this year. Of the total, the crop of Arabica coffee from Brazil must attain, according to Lima, 35 million bags in 2019, compared with about of 44 million in 2018), while robusta coffee must grow to 20 million bags next year, versus 16 million bags in 2018 as producing areas nurture a recovery after years of drought. " Maybe it's the largest crop of low year, "he said, when asked about the harvest that begins in the second quarter of 2019. According to the Government, which generally indicate a volume smaller than the market, the biggest crop of low productivity of the country gave 2013 (49,150,000 bags). " This should leave the stable prices, "said the President of 3corações, considering also the stocks formed in the abundant harvest of this year Brazil. JUMP on the FATURAMENTOOs large volumes produced in Brazil, admitted Lima, helped on the banks of the company this year, which also must register a jump of about 10% in gross revenues, to about 4.8 billion reais, compared with 2017. " Brutus, the idea is to arrive at 4.8 billion. Liquid, the idea is to arrive at 3.9 billion. " With such results and an eye in an economic recovery, the group must invest amounts of approximately 320 million reais in 2019, virtually the same level this year. Such contributions, among other objectives, aim to capture the opportunities of the market of specialty coffees, which grows at a much stronger pace than the market in General, still representing still about 3% of volumes sold, stated Lima. One of the most recent initiatives of 3corações in special area, in grains and ground roasted & capsules, rituals, with "blends" Arabian 100% of Cerrado Mineiro, Mogiana Paulista, Sul de Minas, in addition to the organic and "Blooming". The latter, a member of a program from 3corações to "empodeirar" the cafeicultoras, at the same time that teaches the best practices of production, in a process that culminates in a competition for the most appreciated Brazil's grains produced by women. " It's a job to improve the brazilian coffee ... and, of course, they will become the company's suppliers, "said Lima, whose firm owns a number of brands, such as Santa Clara, Pimpernel, Kimimo, Leticia, fine grain, Itamaraty, Iguazú, 3corações, beyond Three, espresso and solution with more than 20 flavors of hot drinks. With 25 distribution centers throughout Brazil, six manufacturing plants, two purchase and processing units, the company also exports coffee of some of its brands to the main markets of Latin America and United States.
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