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Frigol revenue will grow 60 percent with rentals

Driven by rental of refrigerators of Cachoeira Alta (GO) and Juruena (MT), the Frigol billing will grow 60 percent in 2018, said the value of the company's Chairman, Luciano Pascon. He projects that the company will close the year with gross revenues of $2.4 billion, compared to R R $1.4 billion reported in 2017.
By taking the two units-the lease in Juruena was announced last week, the Frigol now has five refrigerators of cattle and a pig. Together, the five units can shoot down 80000 bois per month, what makes Frigol the fourth largest producer of beef in the country, just behind JBS, Marfrig and Minerva Foods Global Foods.
Second, the refrigerator of Pascon Juruena must start the slaughter by the end of February-the unit of Cachoeira Alta is already in operation since December, after the necessary repairs and obtain licences for operation. At full capacity, can shoot Juruena around 1000 cattle a day.
However, the unit will only achieve full capacity in 2019. Due to the need for working capital, the company will increase the level of slaughter. The expectation is that the plant start slaughtering about activities of 8000 heads per month and end 2018 with monthly 15000 cattle slaughter. In 2019, the slaughter will rise to 20000, stated the President of the company.
He designs the Juruena unit will add some R monthly billing to $50 million from the company. To do so, will require R $40 million in working capital.
At first, the combination of the operations of the two leased refrigerators at Frigol should reduce the participation of exports in the company's sales. According to Pascon, this must occur because the plants reopened don't have all the necessary export qualifications. When also can sell to markets such as the European Union, exports will reach 25% of revenue, up from 22% in 2017.
Even with the delay to enable the plants to export and gradual advance of the slaughter, the Frigol already must register a considerable increase in production this year. The company shut down with total slaughter 2018 758,000 cattle, more than 70 percent of the 440,000 slaughtered heads by the company last year. In 2019, when leased refrigerators work most months "full", the slaughter will approach 1 million of oxen.
In the evaluation of Pascon, increasing the capacity of slaughterings of Frigol is supported in the re-composition of the offer of oxen in recent years in the country, which also justified the reopening of Marfrig and Minerva. While some judge excessive number of refrigerators reopened, the President of the Frigol see room for everyone. "Other plants won't get in the way of our project, and we will not disturb them," he said.
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