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Owner of the liqueur Amarula review strategy in Brazil

The Distell, South African beverage manufacturer and owner of the liqueur Amarula, closed the deal that had since 2003 with Bacardi to distribute their drinks in the country, and hired the Interfood Import to distribute their wines and liquor. "The goal is to improve the retail distribution, retrieving the gondolas, and sell in the Northeast and North of the country," said Theo Loyal, marketing manager of Distell in Latin America.
According to the Executive, the Amarula was not a priority for the Bacardi. Last year, sales of Distell to Brazil shrank 36.1%, to 87,800,000 boxes. The company does not disclose revenue data in the country. In the world, the growth of Distell 2016 closed 9.6% in the recipe, to 21.47 billion rand ($ $1.59 billion), with advancement of 2.8% in volume. Net profit grew 11.5 percent to 1.61 billion rand ($ $119,900,000).
According to Euromonitor International, the total market for liqueurs shrank 2% by volume in Brazil in 2016, to 18,020,000 liters. In value terms, sales rose 8.9% in 2016, reaching R $1.643 billion. The Amarula brand was the sixth placed in Brazil, with market share of 2.2%. The market leader is the brand liquors Campari, Gruppo Campari, with 32% of the market, followed by Cynar, Campari, with 27.6 percent of the market. The Stock, the Stock Spirits Group, is the second runner-up, with 8.3% stake. In the category of cream liqueurs, the Amarula is the leader, with 83% stake, according to data from Nielsen.
Leal said that sales fell in price adjustment function in line with the increase in the tax on imported drinks and with the variation of the dollar. All drinks are imported from South Africa. "This year, with the more stable dollar, the prospect is that the market stay stable or have some recovery in sales, but still don''t feel a change in consumer purchase intent," said the Executive. For the year, Leal''s goal is a breakthrough of 8% in sales volume in Brazil.
In addition to strengthening the distribution of drinks in supermarkets, Distell wants to turn the Amarula in a choice of drink in bars. According to the Executive, today, 80% of sales of Amarula occur in supermarkets. The company has promoted actions in bars from São Paulo to stimulate the use of liquor in drinks.
As part of efforts to recover this year, the sales will Distell marketing actions with Amarula. Has released a new bottle of liquor and a campaign for preservation of elephants in Latin America. The bottle was named Jabulani, the name of a South African elephant that was lost in the family and was adopted by a new herd.
The company was already part of global sales revenue of Amarula for the project Trust, which finances programs Amarula of preservation of elephants. In Brazil, for every bottle sold, the company will earmark R $1 to the elephant Sanctuary, located in chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso.
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