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L ' Oréal inaugurates Center for research and innovation in Rio de Janeiro

L ' Oréal opened your Center for research and Innovation, located on the island of Bom Jesus, in Rio de Janeiro. The Centre was created to accelerate the innovation and development of products to meet the diverse expectations of beauty of Brazilian consumers. With an investment of 160 million dollars, the Center for research and innovation in Brazil is one of the seven centers of P&I of the group in the world.
The new research and Innovation Centre has two missions: to accelerate the development of local innovations in categories where Brazilians are highly demanding, like hair care, Sun protection and hygiene, with worldwide release potential; and make the best innovations of the L ' Oréal relevant to Brazilian and Latin American consumers through local development and customization of global technologies.
At the opening ceremony, An Verhulst-Santos, President of the L'oreal Brazil, stated that "innovation is at the heart of the development of our business. This new research and Innovation Centre reflects the confidence of l ' Oréal in the great potential of the Brazilian beauty market, the fourth largest in the world, and aims to bring disruptive innovations to the demanding Brazilian consumers ".
Laurent Attal, Executive Vice President of research and Innovation, said that "the extreme diversity of types of skin and hair in a country where beauty reaches the status of an art of living represents a fascinating challenge of innovation that deserves the best of science and technology. To create disruptive innovations to Brazilian consumers, and inspire the world, the new Centre was designed at the forefront of research and innovation methods: collaborative, digital, open to the scientific ecosystem and committed to sustainable innovation ".
The L ' Oréal announced during the event that your internationally validated model of reconstructed skin, Episkin, whose implementation in Brazil started in 2016 in a collaboration with the IDOR (d'Or Institute research and teaching, Rio de Janeiro), will be available to the community brazilian scientific in early 2018.
The research activity in Brazil started in 2009 and, over the years, L ' Oréal's commitment with the brazilian scientific community has established more than 15 collaborations with universities and research institutes across the country, in different scientific areas, such as knowledge and the characterization of the hair with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, microbioma with the Federal University of ABC (Sao Paulo), photo-pollution with the Universidade Federal de Itajubá (Minas Gerais) and bioactive peptides with FIOCRUZ (Rondônia).
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