terça-feira, 20 de setembro, 2016

Gruppo Campari presents new packaging of cachaça Sagatiba

Cachaça Sagatiba presents news for consumers, with a visual identity totally remodeled.
Created 12 years and under the command of Gruppo Campari since 2011, the drink was known for bringing a completely different approach to the category, with a premium positioning in a modern bottle, aiming at the expansion of cachaça to international markets.
"The Brazilian has everything to do with Sagatiba. He''s always reinventing themselves, seeking different paths and bringing something new. This is the our spirit, "explains Marina Santos, Marketing Director of Gruppo Campari Brazil.
Among the changes are new labels with a completely different visual identity that transmit the brasilidade brand and provo, besides the Brazilian name change of two products: Sagatiba Pura becomes Sagatiba and Sagatiba Velha is call Sagatiba aged.
The new self adhesive labels are colorful. The previous labels had prevalence of blue colors (Pure) and gold (Old).
The limited edition and exclusive Sagatiba Precious, aged for more than 23 years in oak barrels, remains with the same name.
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