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A total turnover of neighborhood shops with imported and natural items

The segment of small markets, located in residential neighborhoods, already represents 35% of industry sales, according to data from Sebrae-SP looking at this potential, entrepreneurs invest in "branches", for small purchases. The administrator Farias de Souza, 39, bought with his wife, in 2015, the Emporium Chelmi in Itaim Bibi (the West side of São Paulo) After working for years in large retailers. "Our audiences don''t want to miss the morning in a hypermarket. We are a species of pantry, the same people come here almost every day to buy something, "said Sharma.
Investment between purchase and renovation of the store was of 1.2 million R$, according to Sharma. He says the revenue grows 20% per month. Its strategy to attract customers is to sell less common items in major popular networks: natural products, such as flaxseed and seeds, wine, pasta and imported olive oil or organic chicken already roasted.
Another market differential is a system of "drive thru", which allows ordering by phone and removing the products later. Market officials take the groceries to the car. The next steps of Shaikh will be opening new units and create an online shopping site for the market.
According to Sebrae-SP consultant Mercate Ariadne, the main challenges in this business are the high investment and administration of the perishable inventory. "You have to hire many employees, have ample space and efficient storage management. All this requires robust working capital. "
One of the bets of the sisters Mercedes and Maria del Carmen Portabales, Madrid, was made in small and artisanal brand products, many of which are absent in large networks. The project has two units: one in Higienópolis, in the central region, and the other in paradise, in the southern area in São Paulo.
"We have a family relationship with customers. Has happened to an elderly woman disappear for a few days and we call her house to see if I was right. She was traveling, but we were worried, "says Mercedes.
Ariadne Mercate, Sebrae, says that the greatest asset of the small is this proximity to the consumer. "It''s a very sector based on trust. To meet customers, the owners better understand their target audience, "he says.
After researching the desires of customers in conversations, the businesswoman Gisella da Costa, 39, of Compraki, in Elysian fields, decided to increase the supply of imported goodies. "I know who are my customers, and they want cookies and chocolates," he says.
That way, she also your audience, even though large retailers units on the same street, one in front and one to the side of the store. Sebrae consultant also recommends visiting competitors and products sold. "The Manager will stand out if hunt differentials," he says.
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