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Opening of the Chinese dairy industry market anima

Confirmation of the opening of the Chinese market for milk production from Brazil, announced by the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and food supply (Mapa), was evaluated by the sector as an important step for the development of national production company chain. However, it is necessary that old are overcome bottlenecks to the Brazilian product reaches the international market with competitive prices.
In Minas Gerais, according to the dairy industry Union of Minas Gerais (Silemg), there are 25 General Export-enabled industries of dairy products and can supply products to the Chinese.
According to the Map, dairy exports to China will represent an increase of at least $ 45 million a year in shipments of Brazilian agribusiness. The negotiations for the opening of the market was initiated in 1996. From now on, Brazilian agroidústrias interested in selling products to the Asian country can apply for the license.
Last year, China imported US $ 6.4 billion, which corresponds to 1.8 million tons, representing 14% of all imports of the product in the world. World Dairy imports totaled 12.5 million tonnes in 2014, Brazil participated with only 0.7% or 83.7 million tons intended for the world market.
For the Mayor of the Milk sector Map, President of the National Confederation of milk Livestock Agriculture and livestock of Brazil (CNA) and Director of the Federation of Agriculture and livestock of the State of Minas Gerais (Faemg), Rodrigo Alvim, the opening of the Chinese market is an important step forward for the Country and come meet one of the main pillars of the project for the improvement of competitiveness of the Brazilian Dairy Sector to be developed by the Map, which is the need to expand the market.
Bottlenecks-"the opening of new markets is essential, but we need to resolve bottlenecks before to expand production. necessary to invest in quality improvements, productivity and management so that the product reaches the international market with competitively priced against the other producing countries. Another challenge is to expand the volume of solids in milk, since it will export milk powder, cheese and condensed milk. While in Brazil are spent on average 8.5 litres to produce one pound of milk in New Zealand are required only 7.5 liters, which makes the Brazilian product more expensive, "he explains.
"The market is extremely promising, but we need to know if the population will drink milk, because they prefer tea. We have to introduce it in their ancient culture, which can be done with the greatest participation in fairs where consumers can taste the dairy products ".
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