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Dairy exports recording growth of 116.2% in July

The dollar appreciated has favored exports of various sectors linked to agribusiness. One of the segments in high is the dairy, which includes UHT milk, milk powder, butter, cheese, serums, among other products derived from milk. According to a survey conducted by Scot Consultoria, in July, the industry has achieved a revenue of $ 44,2 million, compared with $ 2.5 million in June and $ 32 million in July 2014.
The increase in July compared to June was 116.2% in revenues. Juliana Dick, construction and market analyst Scot Consultoria, explains that the high availability of milk in the domestic market also helped the industries to embark more products in the seventh month of the year.
By volume, according to data from the Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade (MDIC), in July of this year were shipped 9.56 million tons of dairy products, against 7.93 million tons for the same period last year.
In Paraná, according to data from the Department of Rural Economy (Overall), the State Secretariat of agriculture, livestock and supply (Seab), last year the State took in $ 28,84 million, up from $ 5,96 million in comparison with the same period of the previous year. Fábio Mezzadri, Overall technical, claims that 2014 was an atypical year for Paraná exports of dairy products because of the overvalued dollar.
In addition, says Mezzadri, the opening of new markets and the high availability of milk in that year, helped the State achieve a level of above-normal shipping. Last year were produced in the State 4.3 billion liters of milk.
From January to July this year, the Paraná raised $ 2,59 million with exports of dairy products. Mezzadri says that although the number be low compared to last year, is within the normal range. To 2015 estimated dairy exports should reach $ 6 billion.
By volume, were shipped during the first seven months of this year 654 tons of products and by-products that are connected to the dairy chain. In 2014, the people sent abroad 6.1 million tons, up from 1.4 million tons sent to export in 2013.
Dairy market
The value of liter of milk paid to producers has fallen short of that expected the producers. According to data of the Overall, the average price of liter of milk received by producer in August stood at r $ 0.99, against R $ 0.97/l in July and $ 1.02 per litre recorded in August 2014. Altair Romero, producer in the region of Lupionópolis (North), remember that the price of milk has dropped in recent months. However, he claims that the values have started to improve.
Romero has received $ 1.08 by liter of milk delivered in the cooperative in which it is associated. Three months ago the value was at $ 0,82/l. With the current value, the producer says that you can cover their costs of production. He complains that the inputs are increasingly expensive, but believes that produce milk is still a rewarding task, especially in small properties. With a herd of 40 cows, of which 10:00 pm lactation, Romero produces 400 liters of milk per day.
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