quinta-feira, 25 de setembro, 2014

C-Valley resselável to zip packaging adopts nuggets Aurora

The C-Valley renews the packaging of Aurora Auroggets. The company adopted a flexible packaging with zipper opens and closes. The packaging is produced by Plastrela and the zip provided by Zip-Pak Brazil. When developing the solution packaging Zip-Pak worked with the Plastrela with the Inno-Lok closure system, which unites reclosable fasteners across the Board in packaging films, producing a roll of film previously closed by a zipper, which can be used for products that require packaging with or without barrier. in this case, the Inno-Lok system was chosen for its ability to meet the stringent requirements of oxygen and moisture barrier required to preserve the freshness and flavour of the product.
"This is the first use of the Inno-Lok closure system in a box of birds in Brazil," says Daniel Richena, commercial Director of Zip-Pak Brazil.
The new resselável bag features a front zipper that offers convenient access to their content. The incorporation of the Inno-Lok pre-applied in the manufacturing process required minimum adjustments on the machines-vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS, form-fill-seal vertical) of C-Valley.
Embalagem Marca - 25/09/2014
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