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August, 2020

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By a clean sea - Plastivida

8/17/2020 - Since its invention, plastics have been a breakthrough for society. But in addition to its unquestio

The impact of the 5G mobile network on the next generation of technologies

8/17/2020 - 5G enables dramatic increases in the speed, coverage and capacity of wireless networks to support th

Yulo juice launches new flavor Orange and Acerola

8/17/2020 - São Miguel Beverage Industry Brand (ISM) has just launched the third product in 2020

Prezunic reopens 4 stores

8/17/2020 - Supermarkets gain Self Checkout system

Plastic may never become waste again

8/17/2020 - It is possible and is already real through an innovative sustainability platform presented by VALFIL

New cookie recipe

8/17/2020 - Richester brand relaunches gold class line

IBC-Br indicates tumble of almost 11% in the 2nd quarter and beginning of rec...

8/14/2020 - The result indicates the effects of the pandemic on the economy, which began to be felt more intense

Coronavirus: what science already knows about post-covid immunity

8/14/2020 - A study by King's College London looked at people who had the disease and recovered indicates that i

Unemployment rate rises to 13.7% in the 4th week of July, says IBGE

8/14/2020 - The unemployed population was estimated at 12.9 million people in the fourth week of July, about hal

Positivo donates more than 8,000 computers to Seduc and Seap Amazonas

8/14/2020 - The delivery of equipment to the Amazon is part of the education 4.0 project, which aims to develop

Higher revenue in the first half

8/14/2020 - Food industry grows 0.8%, abia points out

All Meat Refrigerator has new visual identity

8/14/2020 - Project developed by Cryovac Studio

12 flavors for babies

8/14/2020 - Liv Up spices up the line with organic papinhas

HPPC industry remains optimistic for coming months

8/13/2020 - With a rise of 0.8% in the first half, HPPC sector remains confident in the recovery forecast for th

Via Varejo reverses loss and has profit of R$ 65 million in the second quarter

8/13/2020 - E-commerce and tax credit favored the retailer's result in the period; isolation measures because of

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