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August, 2020

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Ultra-processed products represent 20% of calories consumed in Brazil

8/21/2020 - Margarine, salted cookies and packet snacks, sweet and cold and inlaid cookies are the most consumed

How much can the pandemic affect Brazilian coffee consumption?

8/21/2020 - Consumer scenario is worrisome

Covid-19: What are the chances of catching coronavirus from food packaging?

8/21/2020 - In theory, it may be possible to be infected by covid-19 from packaging, but scientists find transmi

Network expands in Jundiaí

8/21/2020 - Pernambucanas reaches 200 stores in São Paulo

3D printing - Recycled resins generate filaments

8/21/2020 - Printgreen, a manufacturer of filaments for 3D printing from recycled, expands its line.

Nestlé Add-ons

8/21/2020 - Nutren Senior gets two flavors of soups

Industry confidence grows 8.4 points in August preview

8/20/2020 - The preliminary result shows that the Level of Utilization of Installed Capacity of industry rose to

Russian institute says country negotiates production of covid vaccine in Brazil

8/20/2020 - The priority of the Russians will be to negotiate with countries that want to produce the immunizer

Inpe has budget for 2021 zeroed by the Brazilian Space Agency

8/20/2020 - In practice, the brutal hack left Inpe virtually without any funds for scientific research

Kantar launches platform to measure digital ads

8/20/2020 - Moonshot promises methodologies that measure the effectiveness of campaigns without the use of cooki

Healthy, practical and slightly salty

8/20/2020 - Gourmet Nuts Bar is Nutry's launch

The power of Storytelling in packaging

8/20/2020 - The importance of building a connection between brands and consumers

Line tv debut

8/20/2020 - Sustagen creates campaign for Adult+Fit products

Government extends credit line term for micro and small businesses

8/19/2020 - National Support Program for Microenterprises and Small Businesses was created to help companies fac

Roche and Regeneron Laboratories announce partnership against Covid-19

8/19/2020 - Regn-VOC2 drug, a combination of Regeneron's experimental antiviral antibodies, is in the final stag

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