Monday, July 13, 2020

British company develops plastic-free film for salad packaging

British food packaging manufacturer Sirane has developed a plastic-free packaging solution for salads. The casings are produced with Earthfilm, a film for the production of packaging created by the company and that has no plastic in its composition, and can be recycled in the paper flow.
Last year, France announced that it will adopt a tax on packaging made of recycled plastic and aims to use only recycled plastics from 2025. The UK also plans to launch a plastics tax on all packaging that does not include 30% recycled material by April 2022.
In France alone, 290 million units of ready-to-eat salads are sold each year. They are packed in plastic packaging that cannot be recycled, which means a huge amount of waste being landfilled.
France's Carrefour – as well as French salad producer Les Crudettes – have already announced that it will adopt Sirane's packaging by early next year in its own-brand salads.
"We were able to perfect a coated paper that still provides the lifespan required for salads. The bags have some translucency, especially when in direct contact with the salad, and it is not necessary for producers to use an anti-haze treatment," explains Sirane's managing director, Simon Balderson.
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