Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Verallia bottles help preserve Econatura's organic juices

Created in 1996, the agroindustry Econatura currently has approximately 30 families involved in the production of organic grapes, which give rise to uva'Só and Organovita products, in São Luiz do Araripe, in the interior of Garibaldi (RS). Designed to value producers and the environment, the production of organic juices is certified and commercialized for several Brazilian states. Since its creation, Econatura has had verallia's partnership in the supply of bottles that pack its organic juices. "We chose Verallia because glass provides the physical strength necessary for vacuum filling, fundamental to our product, since it has no addition of preservatives. In addition, the green color of the bottle helps preserve the characteristics and nutrients of the juice," says César Postingher, Commercial Director of Econatura. The bottles chosen by Econatura are The Premium Juice 300 ml and the Premium Juice 1000 ml in green color. With twist off closure, this model has wide mouth to serve and an area suitable for ergonomic handling due to its short neck, ideal for fruit juices. Cylindrical, this bottle of Verallia also has friezes in the handling area, which provides more safety to the consumer. Finally, the panel contemplates a saved label. Uva'Só grape juice is made with 100% organic grapes of the Bordeaum variety. Made with fresh grapes, the drink is vacuum bottled up to 1 day after harvest, thus maintaining all its natural freshness. The special heating process prevents the "taste of cooked" and the loss of nutrients. Vacuum filling allows the preservation of the product without the addition of preservatives. "Organic food is not simply a food without pesticides. It is the result of an agricultural production system that seeks to manage soil and other natural resources in a balanced manner. In addition to Uva'Só grape juice, we have apple juices, tangerine, grape and Organovita orange, all organic and whole, always packed in verallia bottles", finishes Postingher.
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