Thursday, June 04, 2020

Mercado Extra predicts 50 new stores in 2020 and expansion of e-commerce

In May, the Extra Market turns two years old. The Supermarket model of the Extra brand launched in 2018 already has 100 stores, in six states, and should soon complete the conversion of 100% of the remaining Extra Supermarket units. Thus, Mercado Extra will become the only brand of Extra Supermarkets – which still operates in hypermarket, drugstore, neighborhood, gas stations and e-commerce formats. Aware of the increase in demand for online purchases, especially in this quarantine period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the network is also accelerating the plan for the integration of its units to extra's food e-commerce operation. Only in the first quarter of this year, the total of Mercado Extra stores with structure adapted to operate the Express delivery modality, with which the purchase is made on the site and reaches the address requested within 4 hours after the approval of the payment, increased five times, jumping from 10 to 50 stores. Top 10 in the ABRAS Supermarket Ranking, Mercado Extra accelerated the supermarket business of its parent brand. Extra Super stores converted to Extra Market show double-digit sales growth and a significant evolution in the number of customers, with consistent market share gains. In the first year alone, sales growth in these units exceeded the 20% mark and in 2020 the growth is expected to continue to accelerate. "We have a solid growth plan of the Mercado Extra brand in 2020, either in physical stores, with the inauguration of another 50 units by the end of the year, or in the online operation, which today already represents 4% of the brand's sales. By December, other stores will be adapted for the Express modality, including the first in the Northeast region, following the growth and consolidation of online shopping in the routine of Brazilians. All this is only being possible due to the excellent acceptance of the public with the offer of service and prices of the Extra Market", says Christiane Cruz Citrângulo, Operations Director of The Extra Market. The success of the flag can also be explained by its more assertive commercial activation plan, by the focus on Exclusive Brands (especially Qualitá), which already represent 16% of sales, and by improving the customer's shopping experience. The model bets on a new store layout, with two main pillars: Rua do Comércio, which brings a similar dynamics to grocery stores, with products for replacement of the pantry and bazaar items, hygiene and cleaning, and Rua do Mercado, which has a daily fair, with fresh fruits, vegetables and vegetables, and personalized service in the butcher and bakery sectors , with staff trained to offer the most varied cuts of meat and own recipes produced daily. "The Extra Market is the direct result of our continuous observation of our consumers' buying habits and a refinement of our supermarket business. We deliver an uncomplicated shopping experience with a great level of service and a more suitable assortment. Still, the network seeks to be the best neighbor of the customer, with good service, practicality, comfort and proximity, all to be the best option of the neighborhood for shopping. It is a pride to further strengthen the Extra brand with our supermarket format", concludes Christiane.
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