Friday, June 19, 2020

Government of Minas retreats in opening 101 cities and already admits lockdown

In presenting the number of deaths in Minas, the second worst mark to date, Governor Romeu Zema (New) said that the state can take "more drastic measures" to contain the upward curve of confirmed cases and deaths by COVID-19.
Zema said that the "sparking trajectory cannot continue" and that growth has "caused discomfort" to the government. He also said that growth is higher than expected.
The statements were made in a press conference, on Thursday (18), which had the participation of the Secretary of State for Health, Carlos Eduardo Amaral.
Carlos Amaral did not rule out the possibility of the state determining the lockdown, which is the total closure of activities, in some regions where there is lack of control in the fight against the new coronavirus.
"We do the daily follow-up. Through Minas Consciente, we give clear, very clear signs of what is happening and what the SES understands as better isolation. All possibilities are on the table. We have a chance of lockdown in some regions, some cities," he said.
Minas has, according to the epidemiological bulletin of Thursday (18), 570 deaths caused by COVID-19 and had the second worst mark, 33 confirmed deaths in one day.
In view of the growth, the government determined the decline of several municipalities in the classification in the flexibilization program, Minas Consicente.
Development Secretary Fernando Passalio said that the 101 municipalities of the Central Region should return to the green wave, which allows the opening only of essential services.
In 15 days, it's the second reclassification. The Central Region had already left the yellow wave to the white wave and, at this time, returns to green. The municipalities of the Northern Region, which were in the yellow wave, returned to the white wave.
Altogether 146 municipalities adhered to the sanitary protocols of Minas Consciente, covering a population of 3.5 million inhabitants. Of this total, 290 municipalities are in the white wave, 53 in yellow and, for the most part, 510 in the green wave.
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